Panjab University Research Scholars

S.No. Name of the Supervisor /
Name of the Ph.D. Scholar Mode of Ph.D. Registration Number Date of Registration Research Topic Likely Date of Completion Availing Fellowship Funding Agency of Fellowship
Faculty of Science : Department of PhysicsUpdated on: 22/01/2021 
1.   Dr. Rajesh Kumar Jaspreet Kaur Full Time 20-21/12/Ph.D./R & S 24/07/2020 NA Yes CSIR-JRF
2.   Prof. S.K. Tripathi Krishma Full Time 2020-EZ-43 20/07/2020 19/07/2023 No
3.   Dr. Manish Dev Sharma Kritika Full Time 20-21/11/Ph.D./R & S 17/07/2020 NA No
4.   Prof. Ranjan Kumar Savita Full Time 19-20/618/Ph.D./R & S 18/05/2020 NA Yes UGC-JRF
5.   Dr. Gulsheen Ahuja
Prof. M.M. Gupta
Versha Rani Full Time 19-20/367/Ph.D. 14/11/2019 Yes CSIR-JRF
6.   Prof. Samarjit Sihotra Ashish kumar Full Time 19-20/370/Ph.D. 14/11/2019 No
7.   Prof. Vipin Bhatnagar Bhumika Mehta Full Time 19-20/372/Ph.D. 14/11/2019 No
8.   Dr. Samarjit Sihotra
Prof. Devinder Mehta
Vikas Yadav Full Time 19-20/371/Ph.D. 14/11/2019 Yes CSIR - Project
9.   Dr. J.S. Shahi Rajwinder Singh Full Time 19-20/379/Ph.D. 14/11/2019 Yes CSIR
10.   Dr Sushil Singh Chauhan Anureet Kaur Full Time 19-20/438/Ph.D./R & S 14/11/2019 Inspire-DST No
11.   Dr. Lokesh Kumar ISHU Full Time 19-20/368/Ph.D 14/11/2019 No
12.   S.K. Tripathi Nancy Full Time 19-20/155/Ph.D. 09/09/2019 No
13.   Prof. C.N. Kumar Sanjana Bhatia Full Time 19-20/156/Ph.D. 09/09/2019 No
14.   J.S. Shahi Kanishk Full Time 19-20/157/Ph.D. 09/09/2019 No
15.   Dr. Lokesh Kumar
Dr. Natasha Sharma
Arushi Dhamija Full Time 19-20/113/Ph.D. 31/07/2019 No
16.   Prof. Vipin Bhatnagar Tanvi Full Time 19-20/65/Ph.D. 29/07/2019 No
17.   Dr. Ashok Kumar Neha Dhanda Full Time 19-20/78/Ph.D. 29/07/2019 No
18.   Prof. G.S.S. Saini Ritu Kadyan Full Time 19-20/84/Ph.D. 29/07/2019 Yes CSIR
19.   Dr. Rajesh Kumar Naveen Kumar Full Time 19-20/91/Ph.D. 29/07/2019 No
20.   Prof. Rajeev K. Puri
Dr. sakshi Gautam
Navjot Kaur Dhillon Full Time 19-20/67/Ph.D. 29/07/2019 No
21.   Dr. Manish Dev Sharma Sakshi Saini Full Time 19-20/68/Ph.D. 29/07/2019 No
22.   Prof. Rajeev K. Puri
Dr. Sakshi Gautam
Rajat Rana Full Time 19-20/74/Ph.D. 29/07/2019 No
23.   Prof. B.R. Behera Raghav Full Time 19-20/77 29/07/2019 No
24.   Prof. G.S.S. Saini
Dr. Anamika Mukhopadhyay
Tanvi Full Time 19-20/73/Ph.D. 29/07/2019 No
25.   Dr. Ashok Kumar Dhruv Miglani Full Time 19-20/201/Ph.D. 29/07/2019 No
26.   Prof. Devinder Mehta
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Ashutosh Kapil Full Time 19-20/20 /Ph.D. 03/06/2019 Yes UGC-Open Fellowship
27.   Vipin Bhatnagar Prachi Sharma Full Time 18-19/538 11/02/2019 Yes CSIR
28.   Prof. Manjit Kaur Aayushi Singla Full Time 18-19/541 11/02/2019 Yes DST-INSPIRE
29.   Amit Goyal
C.N. Kumar
Nisha Full Time 18-19/539 11/02/2019 No
30.   Dr. Gulsheen Ahuja Gurjit Kaur Full Time 17-18/128 18/09/2018 Yes CSIR
31.   Prof. Devinder Mehta
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar
Kailash Full Time 18-19/130 14/09/2018 Yes UGC-Open Fellowship
32.   Dr. Neeru Chaudhary
Dr. Sudhir Kumar Pandey
Isha Full Time 18-19/136 14/09/2018 No
33.   Prof. Devinder Mehta
Dr. J.S. Shahi
Nancy Full Time 18-19/137 12/09/2018 No
34.   Prof. C.N. Kumar Neetu Maan Full Time 18-19/129 12/09/2018 No
35.   Prof. Ranjan Kumar Rohilla Full Time 18-19/138 12/09/2018 Yes UGC-Open Fellowship
36.   Prof. Navdeep Goyal
Dr. Shikha Gupta
Shilpy Bhullar Full Time 18-19/12 19/07/2018 No
37.   Dr.Ashok Kumar Amninderjeet Kaur Full Time 18-19/11 10/07/2018 Yes CSIR
38.   Dr.Neeru Chaudhary Shaffy Full Time 18-19/485 05/07/2018 No
39.   Prof. Vipin Bhatnagar Harjot Kaur Full Time 18-19/10 28/06/2018 Yes CSIR
40.   Dr. J.S. Sahi
Dr. Prem Dutt
Rahul Sheoran Full Time 18-19/14 28/06/2018 Yes DRDO-SASE
41.   Dr. Navdeep goyal
Dr. Sanjeev Gautam
Mandeep kaur Full Time 18-19/13 28/06/2018 Yes UGC-Open Fellowship
42.   Prof. D. Mehta Sanjeev Kumar Part Time 18-19/15 28/06/2018 No
43.   Prof. Devinder Mehta
1. Dr. Pramod Kumar Soni 2. Dr. Surinder Kumar
Satveer Kumar Full Time 18-19/27 28/06/2018 No
44.   Prof. Suman Bala Beri Amandeep Kaur Full Time 17-18/510 09/03/2018 No
45.   Prof. C.N. Kumar
Dr. Amit Goyal
Shailza Pathania Full Time 17-18/494 28/02/2018 Yes DST- INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP
46.   Prof. Vipin Bhatnagar
Dr. Sushil Singh Chauhan
Jyoti Babbar Full Time 17-18/ 498 28/02/2018 Yes CSIR
47.   Dr. Sushil Singh Chauhan
Prof. Vipin Bhatnagar
Sunil Kumar Full Time 17-18/497 28/02/2018 Yes CSIR
48.   Prof. Ranjan Kumar
Dr. Ranber Singh
Shagun Nag Full Time 17-18/491 28/02/2018 Yes DST INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP
49.   Dr. Ashok Kumar Diwanshu Full Time 17-18/490 28/02/2018 Yes DST - INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP
50.   Prof. Ranjan Kumar Preeti Full Time 17-18/496 28/02/2018 Yes CSIR
51.   Prof. A.K. Bhati
Dr. Bimal Rai
Ritu Rani Full Time 17-18/486 28/02/2018 Yes UGC-Open Fellowship
52.   Dr. Neeru Chaudhary
Dr. Kapil Saxena
Vikas Kashyap Full Time 17-18/337 05/12/2017 No
53.   Dr. Ashok Kumar Chetan Sharma Full Time 17-18/345 08/11/2017 Experimental Nuclear Physics No
54.   Dr. Ashok Kumar Bharti Rohila Full Time 17-18/336 15/09/2017 Yes UGC, IUAC-NSC
55.   Prof. Manjit Kaur Geetanjali Chaudhary Full Time 17-18/335 07/09/2017 Yes DST INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP
56.   Prof. B.R. Behera Amit Full Time 17-18/100 18/08/2017 No
57.   Prof. R.K. Puri Sucheta Full Time 17-18/140 18/08/2017 No
58.   Prof. B.R. Behera
Dr. R.P. Singh
Subodh Full Time 17-18/84 14/08/2017 No
59.   Prof. Devinder Mehta
Prof. Indranil Mazumdar
Ranjan Sariyal Full Time 17-18/12 26/07/2017 Yes DST INSPIRE FELLOWSHIP
60.   Prof. Sandeep Sahijpal Vishal Goyal Full Time 17-18/85 20/07/2017 THE FORMATION AND EARLY EVOLUTION OF THE MOON AND TERRESTRIAL PLANETS. Yes CSIR
61.   Prof. C.N. Kumar
Dr. Amit Goyal
Harneet Kaur Full Time 17-18/36 13/07/2017 Yes SERB
62.   Prof. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. K.P. Singh
Ravneet Kaur Full Time 17/462 18/04/2017 Yes DST-INSPIRE
63.   Prof. Ranjan Kumar
Dr. Suchi Gupta
Gurpal Singh Khosa Full Time 17-18/13 07/04/2017 Yes Maulana Azad National Fellowship
64.   Dr. J.S. Sahi
Dr. Rama Arora and Dr. J.C. Kapil
Sakshi Full Time 17/1458 31/03/2017 Yes DRDO - SASE
65.   Prof. S.K. Tripathi
Prof. G.S.S. Saini
Silky Jindal Full Time 17/1434 27/02/2017 No
66.   Prof. Ranjan Kumar
Dr. Dibakar Roy Chowdhury
Deepak Kumar Full Time 17/1427 07/02/2017 Yes DST- INSPIRE
67.   Dr. Rajesh Kumar Naresh Kumar Full Time 17/419 31/01/2017 Yes UGC-Open Fellowship
68.   Prof. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. Gurvir Kaur
Shikshita Jain Full Time 17/423 30/01/2017 Yes Maulana Azad National Fellowship
69.   Dr. Lokesh Kumar Sandeep Dudi Full Time 17/418 25/01/2017 Yes CSIR
70.   Prof. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. Kriti Sharma
Anmol Arora Full Time 17/417 24/01/2017 No
71.   Prof. M.M. Aggarwal
Prof. A.K. Bhatti
Jagbir Singh Full Time 17/1431 04/01/2017 Yes Maulana Azad National Fellowship
72.   Dr. Gulsheen Ahuja
Prof. M.M. Gupta
Mahak Full Time 17/421 26/12/2016 Yes CSIR
73.   Prof. Vipin Bhatnagar
Prof. B.S. Acharya
Sandeep Kumar Full Time 17/420 08/12/2016 No
74.   Prof. Suman Bala
Dr. Sunil Bansal
Meena Full Time 17/422 30/11/2016 Yes UGC-Open Fellowship
75.   Prof. Manjit Kaur Sandeep Kaur Full Time 16/334 03/11/2016 Yes CSIR
76.   Prof. A.K. Bhatti
Dr. Bimal Rai
Anu Rathi Full Time 16/1373 03/10/2016 "Nuclear electromagnetic moment measurements in La and Pr" Yes UGC-Open Fellowship
77.   Prof. J.B. Singh
Dr. Sunil Bansal
Amandeep Kaur Full Time 16/1243 19/09/2016 No
78.   Prof. Rajeev Kumar Puri Sakshi Sharma Full Time 16/1183 05/09/2016 "On the study of heavy-ion collisions using QMD/IQMD N-Body dynamical approaches" Yes DST-INSPIRE
79.   Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Dr. Vivek Kumar
Ramanjeet Kaur Full Time 16/1245 02/09/2016 No
80.   Prof. M.M. Gupta
Dr. Gulsheen Ahuja
Aseem Full Time 16/199 22/06/2016 No
81.   Prof. B.R. Behera
Prof. Devinder Mehta
Shruti Full Time 16/194 24/05/2016 "Fragmentation dynamics and neutron multiplicity measurements for super-heavy nuclei" Yes DST-INSPIRE
82.   Prof. Satya Prakash
Prof. S.K. Tripathi
Veerpal Kaur Full Time 16/192 04/05/2016 No
83.   Prof. J.B. Singh
Dr. Sunil Bansal
Rajat Gupta Full Time 16/1052 14/01/2016 No
84.   Prof. K.P. Singh Shashank Singh Full Time 16/1055 11/01/2016 No
85.   Prof. M.M. Aggarwal
Prof. A.K. Bhatti
Anjali Sharma Full Time 16/1054 15/12/2015 Yes DST Research Project
86.   Prof. J.B. Singh Renu Full Time 15/1305 20/11/2015 Yes UGC Open Fellowship
87.   Prof. M.M. Gupta
Dr. Monika Randhawa
Nikhila Full Time 15/231 08/10/2015 "CP violation, flavor oscillations and texture specific mass matrices" Yes CSIR
88.   Prof. M.M. Gupta
Dr. Gulsheen Ahuja
Aakriti Full Time 15/236 08/10/2015 No
89.   Prof. Tankeshwar Kumar
Dr. Sunita Srivastava
Gur Simrat Kaur Full Time 15/235 08/10/2015 No
90.   Prof. Gulzar Singh Honey Arora Full Time 15/177 04/09/2015 No
91.   Prof. B.R. Behera Devinder Pal Kaur Full Time 15/176 01/09/2015 "study of evaporation residue cross-section and fission mass distribution measurements for 48Ti induced reactions" No
92.   Dr. Rajesh Kumar Nishi Full Time 15/161 27/08/2015 No
93.   Prof. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. R.K. Kotnala
Jasmeen Kang Full Time 15/145 23/07/2015 No
94.   Prof. Navdeep Goyal Kanika Full Time 15/128 08/07/2015 Yes CAS
95.   Prof. Navdeep Goyal
Dr. Sanjeev Gautam
Ankush Full Time 15/1109 11/06/2015 No
96.   Prof. Ranjan Kumar Surinder Singh Full Time 15/123 03/06/2015 Theoretical study of conventional superconductors No
97.   Prof. M.M. Gupta
Dr. Gulsheen Ahuja
Shivali Full Time 15/63 23/04/2015 "Implications of flavor mixing phenomenon on fermion mass matrices" Yes UGC Open Fellowship
98.   Prof. Navdeep Goyal
Dr. Sanjeev Gautam
Baljeet Kaur Full Time 15/60 26/02/2015 "Structural, Electronic and magnetic study of Cr3+ Substittion in M8 Co1-8Fe2O4 (M=Zn,Cu) Ferro-Spinels") No
99.   Prof. S.K. Tripathi
Dr. Jadab Sharma
Harpreet Singh Full Time 15/58 26/02/2015 No
100.   Prof. M.M. Aggarwal Anjali Attari Full Time 13/327 29/11/2013 Yes UGC Open Fellowship
101.   Prof. Ranjan Kumar Gagandeep Aulakh Full Time 13/1121 19/08/2013 Order-disorder phenomena in Mn based heusler compounds No
102.   Prof. G.S.S. Saini
Dr. Manish Kumar
Manoj Kumar Full Time 13/1126 01/08/2013 Quest for half metallicity in binary and ternary alloys No
103.   Prof. Navdeep Goyal Arun Kumar Full Time 19514 08/04/2013 Measurement of electrical and optical properties of metal modified Se-Te chalcogenide semiconductors No
104.   Dr. Sunita Srivastava
Prof. Vishwamittar
Sonia Full Time 18662 20/09/2011 Some problems pertaining to systems governed by cubic- quartic anharmonic potential No

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